Transport Faq

Transport Faq Transport Faq Transport Faq

1. What airport transfer services does Lakpura provide? 

We provide in airport transfers in Sri Lanka. This includes airport arrival transfers from CMB Airport (Bandaranaike International Airport) to any city address as well as airport departure transfers from any city address to CMB Airport (Bandaranaike International Airport). You can also rent a car (with or without a driver) through us for your transport needs during your visit to Sri Lanka.

2. How can I find my chauffeur at the airport? 

Our chauffeur will meet you at the airport arrival lobby. When booking your airport taxi, you can specify what you would like us to use to page you. At the time of reservation, you would be given instructions on where your chauffeur will be paging you and you will be provided directions to the meeting point.

3. What if I cannot find my chauffeur? 

In case you are unable to find your chauffeur, you can contact your service manager or travel agent get assistance. The details of your service manager and travel agent will be shared with you at the time of the reservation.

4. What if my flight is delayed? 

We will be monitoring the progress of your flight and as such, we will know if there is any delay. Using real-time updates, our chauffeurs will be at the airport right on time for the arrival of your flight.

5. How long will the chauffeur wait for me? 

By default, you will be allocated 60 minutes of waiting time to come and meet your chauffeur. In case there is any emergency, you can always contact your service manager or travel agent for assistance and instructions.

6. What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept only card payments and bank transactions. By default, all prices will be indicated in US$.

7. Why choose Lakpura for your transfers? 

As a government accredited travel agent, we offer specialized transfer services conducted by experienced tourist chauffeurs. Unlike drivers of taxi companies or ride-hailing apps, our English-speaking chauffeurs are experienced with conducting services for tourism and will have specialized knowledge to ensure your safety, comfort and convenience. Furthermore, your safety and well-being will be monitored by a dedicated team of service managers and travel agents to ensure that you receive a flawless experience.

8. Are there any hidden costs? 

Prices indicated are finak prices for the transfers. The prices include flight tracking fees, airport parking fees, airport paging fees, 1 hour waiting fees and highway toll fees. As such, you will not have to pay any additional amount during your transfer.

9. Do I get a receipt for my booking? 

At the point of transaction, you will receive a receipt via email confirming your booking and payment. Once your travel agent has finished making all arrangements, you will receive a confirmation email with all details of the transfer, for you to review and re-confirm.

10. Can I cancel a booking? 

You are able to cancel your booking at any time. However, to not incur cancellation fees, you will have to cancel your booking at least 24 hours before your flight arrival time.

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